3rd visit of the year on clogged drainage in jalan Keruin

今年已是第三次巡视文良港花园Jalan Keruin 的排水堵塞问题。
在等待吉隆坡市政局工程部重建排水系统的当儿,我已请求Alam Flora帮助进行更频繁的清洗。

实际上, 这是目前唯一能做的, 其实主要原因是基于这些不负责任的业主所造成的。他们也加剧了房屋前的排水系统的阻塞。


我希望他们可以采取更严厉的措施, 同时尽早与吉隆坡市政局紧密配合。

Revisiting issue of clogged drainage in Jalan Keruin, Taman Setapak for the 3rd time this year.

While waiting for DBKL Engineering Department to reconstruct the drainages, I have requested Alam Flora to help clean then more frequently. However this is temporary measure.

The root cause of clogging was due to irresponsible home owners whom had sealed the drainages in front of their houses. With debris and stagnant water flow, cases of dengue may reoccur.

I hope they can compromise with DBKL at soonest possible, before hauling them for more stricted actions.