Back to Hicks Apartment

I am back to Hicks Apartment. Carmen and I went there on separate missions – while she is more concerned about the hygiene, I received many unpleasant reports from tourism operators about the condition of the flat, which is located along vicinity of the infamous Jalan Alor.

2 months back, we had covered this case and subsequent meeting had initiated follow up actions. As a result by DBKL Health Department and SWCorp, the front yard of the flat is now free of rubbish, but the inside of the building still remained dirty.

There is still leaking everywhere and rubbish is everywhere. The odor is unbearable and there are dirty water pondings. We never know dengue or contagious disease may spread. Personally I am still not satisfied with the outcome as I expected a much strict actions taken by DBKL departments.

I can imagine how unpleasant it is if there are tourists passing by Hicks Apartment to Jalan Alor.

Much need to be done on this case.

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