A family with Covid 19 in Bangunan Forlong



同时,我已建议叶女士按照PKD Titiwangsa的建议待在家里。

Covid 19并不是我们想象的那样致命。它可能具有传染性,但是康复率很高。


For the past 2 days, I had been in communication with a family who had contracted Covid 19.

I pursuaded the whole family; all 6 of them to do testing at clinic nearby after her son was diagnosed.

I had communicated with PKD team to help expedite the 2nd PCR test. They slotted them in for a morning testing this morning in Titiwangsa clinic.

In mean time, I have adviced Madam Yap to stay indoor as suggested by PKD Titiwangsa.

With Chinese New Year is less than 3 days away, I feel sympathy for them having to undergone a very solemn celebration.

Sri and I visited to offer them food supplies and some CNY delicacies. Our MP Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew also took initiative to give them a courtesy call to wish them speedy recovery.

However, Covid 19 is not as fatal as some people think. It may be contagious, but there is quite high rate of recoveries. Being panic would make situation goes more worse. I like to remind all to stay calm, and take all necessary precautions.