After valet, comes illegal parking space at Jalan Sultan

I picked up this complain from Jalan Sultan. Alleys had been turned into private parking spaces where unauthorised parking pole installed on public back lane access. These photos were taken during my last site visit few days back with members of press and my colleague Carmen Leong.

Ironically, the same alley was supposed to be reimagined into murals and art showcase under intiative of ThinkCity, but implementation didnt go through due to enroachment of third party.

Not far from there, there is a stretch of hawker stalls that occupied huge space of back lane access, where the alleys could have been turned into another tourist attraction.

A fortnight back, I co-chaired the DBKL committee meeting with our chairman Datuk Afdlin Shauki, in presence of ThinkCity officers. I can conclude the root cause of the heritage zone projects delay, therefore DBKL should do something to help realize this project. The image of KL city in this very tourist-centric Jalan Sultan is greatly damaged because of all this kind of non compliance.

I cannot tolerate illegal stalls, illegal parkings and illegal vallet service. I shared my concern with DBKL enforcement team. Looking forward to their next course of action.

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