Agihan Kalendar di sekitar Wilayah Persekutuan

在 2021 年的最后一周里,我走访蕉赖和甲洞几个地方分发 2022 年日历。 像这样的实地拜访才能让我们的团队能够评估选民对近期议题的反应,包括本月发生的洪灾。

几乎我遇到的人都对政府机构在抗洪救灾上的无能感到悲伤和愤怒。 他们中的许多人也选择相关机构而非政府来为受害者做出贡献和捐款。

我为我们的马来西亚同胞感到自豪。 马来西亚还是有希望的。

The remaining days of 2021, I toured around few places including Cheras to distribute 2022 calendar. The field trip like such, allowed our team to assess the voters sentiments about recent affairs, including the massive flood disaster.

Almost everyone I met, are saddened and angry with the incompetence flood relief by government agencies. Many of them too had contributed their efforts and donations to the victims via authorized bodies (not government).

There is still hope for Malaysia.