Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival 安邦南天宮九皇大帝

Today marks the beginning of Nine Emperor God Festival from 5 – 13 October 2021. It’s an annual event for Ampang folks as it hosted one of the most prominent Nine Emperor God temples in the region.

As this is the place I grew up – for 30+ years, I would be at the very same spot in Ampang Old Town to witness the procession on the eve and 2nd day of festivities. Although I am not a devotees, I acknowledge this event is a part of Ampang culture for over 100 years.

Since last year, the festive was forbidden due to Covid 19. Many had changed in the past 2 years in the olden part of Ampang. The police station had been demolished, and the foreigners-owned business had been sprouting. Even an old neighbour of mine, Mr Yap of this Foh Onn Tong 和安堂参茸中西药行 dispensary at Ampang Old Town had passed away recently due to Covid 19. (I remembered him appearing in press interview with Harian Metro last year August in a demonstration against the Bangladeshi consulate which hosted by me.)

This part of Ampang is a heritage. It may be forgotten, but I wish to see revitalization soon.

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