ASBX Business Challenger for Greater Bukit Bintang by APU

APU had provided a good platform for students to nuture sustainable start ups. The sales pitching is great. It helps them to unleash the entrepreneural talents from young age.

The theme of this programme is ASBX Business Challenge for Greater Bukit Bintang, and based on the name it is very DBKL in nature. I am glad to be one of the judges together with VC of APU, Dr Ho and TRYKE’S founder, Tim Wong.

Thanks to Dr Beh and Tjek for the hardwork. Many of our friends joined me today including my fellow counterpart Advisory Board Member Carmen Leong and friends.

The grand prize goes to a group that offers campus-wide mobility service. The presentation is great. I am amazed by the creativity by young Malaysians nowadays. Great job to all!