Christmas in Malaysia Madani – Diversity in Unity

As we celebrate Christmas this year, let us reflect on the theme of Malaysia Madani introduced by our Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This is a vision that we all share, regardless of our race, religion, culture or background. We are blessed to live in a country that embraces diversity in unity, where we respect and appreciate each other’s differences, and where we work together for the common good.

Christmas is a time to remember the message of joy and harmony. The Star of Bethlehem on top of every Christmas tree symbolize the hope of humanity. The season is a time to practice the values of generosity, kindness and compassion towards the unfortunates. These are universal values that transcend any boundaries or divisions. They are the values that make us human, and that make us Malaysian.

The past one year of so, we had been tested with challenging moments of uncertainties. But the wisdom of our Malaysia Madani government, bestowed under the blessing from the almighty had brought Malaysia out of despair.

Let us therefore use this festive occasion to strengthen our bonds of friendship and solidarity, to celebrate our achievements and to look forward to a brighter future. Let us show the world that Malaysia Madani is not just a slogan, but a reality that we live and breathe every day.

I wish you all Christians a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful season’s holidays to the rest. May God bless you and your families with health, happiness and prosperity.

Wangsa Maju KEADILAN Division Chief
Federal Territory KEADILAN Vice Chairman
Kuala Lumpur City Advisory Board Member
Chairman, Cheras Rehab Hospital Board of Visitors
Member of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (KL)

The article was published in Harapan Madani