Clearing route between Desa View – Bukit Mas

Puncak Niaga has started clearance on Jalan Kolam Air. The site of the D44 sewerage upgrade projext will be closed after few years on hiatus. The alley will be resurfaced for public access.

As I had verified with them before Chinese New Year, they confirmed completion within this month. All other remaining sites at Prima Setapak and Taman P Ramlee will be ceased soon.

At last there is light at end of tunnel. It was not easy to engage with multiple parties involved in this sewerage project. Throughout the few years period, we emphasised on closure of many sites in Gombak and Setapak area.

I recalled right after GE14 we had started our engagement with them until now, very near to GE15.

On another development, TM had started it works to rectify the cables and its transmission pole on the same road.

Coincidentally, DBKL had issued clearance to vehicles suspected to be abandoned along Jalan Kolam Air. I had previously applied for resurface of the whole road.

Few agencies at work on the same day, I hope there is tolerance from resident for betterness to all.