Communication Minister must be stern!

There is a mixed response toward this appointment. However, let’s rewind back in the past, there had been incidents of crossfire among members of cabinets which resulted into conflicting statements. Calling them heroic or unintentional warlord, such miscommunition is unnecessary.

Knowing the current Communication Minister, YB Fahmi Fadzil had been careful and crafty in corporate communications – making him and the ministry the best entity to be sole spokeperson about government policy.

Liking this to a corporate environment, where only certain individuals are allowed to speak publicity on company internal affairs despite there are many senior decision makers.

Malaysia Madani is a new brand building effort introduced by PM to elevate the paradigm shift away from past administration. New approach of public communication is needed to streamline all Madani’s effort to transform Malaysia into better good.

We have only one PM, one cabinet, therefore we only need one voice.