Cultural Exchange with HKSAR Wong Tai Sin




Delegates from HKSAR Wong Tai Sin district home affair department led by Mr Pang Wing Seng MH, together with 30 over university students to visit Kuala Lumpur on cross-culture experience exchange.

Setapak was selected for this purpose and we had arranged a tour of cultural exchange, starting from Prima Setapak Morning Market, Luck Ong Keong Temple to Mun Yee Prima School.

From our side, I had included our local community leaders represented by Mr Oh Boon Huat (market) Mr Yee (temple), Jacky Wee Hong Tan (youth leader) and Mr Ong (school). I thanked their precious time on the participation, knowing today is the last weekend before Chinese New Year.

I am very proud to share about distinctive Malaysian Chinese community that are able to preserve its identity of languages, beliefs and education, while on same time being inclusive in this multi racial society.

Best among all, we treat them with lousang and nasi lemak – also another Malaysia’s distinctive culture.

The whole session was conducted in mixture of Cantonese and Mandarin – which made me realized that common Hong Kong residents are now capable in conversating in Mandarin.

A good experience. A lot of sharing had been conducted. I hope the delegation had fun and achieved their objective.