Damaged wall of temple in Pekan Sg Besi to be rebuilt

One may wonder why I got myself involved in this temple at Pekan Sungai Besi. Actually it referred to me by an old comrade Chin Sin Pang. Prior to this, there was no action taken by city hall although my colleague Carmen Leong initiated this case 5 months ago.

The absense of drainage syatem caused water retention and weakened the temple structure. We had a site visit last week and today, DBKL had arranged contractor to assess its scope of work. To our surprise, Tn Rahman, Director of Civil Engineering Department of DBKL personally handled this case and I thanked him for his commitment.

I blamed the lackaidaiscal attitude of certain officers and lack of attention given. But that does not mean DBKL is not effective. As an international cosmpolitan, Kuala Lumpur is represented by DBKL. Oftenly the institution’s image is always tarnished by the few bad eggs.

I believe, role of advisory board members can be extrnded to facilitate engagement between DBKL and stakeholders. I found the formula to navigate around. As eyes and ears for the mayor, this is the right way we can do for betterment of the city.


Damaged wall of temple in Pekan Sg Besi to be rebuilt

Source: The Star

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