Datuk Ramanan Deepavali Open House

Invited to Sungai Buloh Parliament Deepavali Open House with my Information Chief, Sdr Vijey Ravindaren. I am glad to see my good friend host Datuk Ramanan, Sungai Buloh MP/MITRA Chairman and his Political Secretary, Aidi.

It was great to see our incumbent YB Altimet ADUN Lembah Jaya, YB Izuan ADUN Kota Damansaran as well as previous Yang Berhormats, YB Sivakumar, YB Khairuddin and YB Shatiri.

This Deepavali is well organized with sumptuous delicacies, performance as well as trialingual MC who speaks fluent Mandarin, Tamil, English and of course our national language.

I am sure enjoyed the presence with my counterparts Mr. Jayakumar, Kepong KEADILAN Division Chief and Mr. Kishore, Bukit Bintang KEADILAN Division Chief

It is an honor to be here. God bless my homeboy Datuk Ramanan and his team.

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