DBKL Deepavali Open House 16th November 2023

With our fellow DBKL directors, we attended DBKL Deepavali Open House on 16th November 2023. The ocasion took place at the flag pole, as the Independence Square is currently closed until January 2024 for maintenance.

I invited Dr Ronald Pua along and introduced him to Mayor Datuk Kamarulzaman. Dr Pua was recently appointed as KL EKSAIS (Liquor Board) Chairman.

I bumped into Farouq and the team from KL Tourism Association. We have subsequent engagement after that, to plan for upcoming KL tourism project. Coincidentally, I am in the DBKL committee that handles tourism, led by my fellow Advisory Board Member colleague, Datuk Afdlin Shauki.

Great food and performance – the glam of the day is of course the Peacock Dance.