Dead fishes in lake due to extreme weather

I have received complains from many residents about presence fo dead fishes in Danau Kota lake. The lake served as retention pond, and when El Nino strikes, the lake is not spared by extreme heat.

When it gets hot, physically cannot hold as much oxygen as when it is cooler, therefore the sudden changes would kills fishes in large quantity.

This phenomenon occured every March ot April every year. Besides being eyesore, the odor is unbearable and cause discomfort among joggers.

However, I had alerted the DBKL Landscape department over this and they had readied their emergency team to clear off excessive dead fishes. The next few days will see them actively doing their work.

It is not easy for them to commit this task, during fasting month. Be patient, our friends in DBKL are doing their best.

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