Democracy is dead, Long live democracy

The mammoth protests in Myanmar remind me of the four Bersih rallies preceding the final victory of PH in 2018.

The people of these two countries had fought hard for Change for more than 20 years. Some died and many went to jails. Myanmar finally won its freedom in 2015 and 3 years later Malaysians brought down the corrupted government.

But democracy is short-lived in both the countries though the manners which led to their falls were not quite the same. In Myanmar it was a brutal coup which resulted in a million of civilians went to the streets and followed by military killings.

In Malaysia, there was no army, no tankers. We only saw bands of politicians streaming into the Sheraton and other secretive hideouts, brokering, bargaining, horse trading for the best price of an MP’s allegiance.

Malaysians may console themselves that there was no bloodshed or street protests, only the triumphant excitement and laughter of the traitors who were suddenly made ministers or millionaires.

And the best offers for sale of MPs continues, and will continue until GE 15 when the Rakyat flush out all the crooks.

Datin Paduka Dr. Tan Yee Kew
Wangsa Maju Member of Parliament