Excavation work at Prima Setapak D44 sewerage sites

Finally, the D44 sites along Jalan Prima Setapak barricades had been reduced. Roads had been restored almost to original state like 10 years ago.

While the project is still on going, but without new contract, it is expected to be around for quite some time. I had site visit with JPP and IWK, together with DBKL branch office last week. Since PNSB is no longer handling the contracts, I had a green light to proceed with the infra work ractification. We had to reduce the barricade size in order to widen its road.

At last, the road is much easier to access now. I had already communicated with our DBKL civil engineering department to do resurface on the widened area. The work will start soon.

For sure, our friends who balik kampung to Wangsa Maju in Chinese New Year will see a big difference this year.

Thanks to our friend William Yew who helped out  excavator for whole day today. A friend in need is a friend indeed.