Experience in Taking Public Transport during MCO


I have read thIs lengthy letter from MP Wangsa Maju FB. I am quite surprise that Amirah stated her observations in such great details.
SOPs failed to set the order even after 1 year pandemic started. Something must have GAGAL.


Dear YB,
I am Amirah, a fresh graduate who was lucky enough to score a job as soon as I got my results. I am not a member of your constituency but was hoping you could at least lend your voice, especially since this will affect your constituency. I write to ask two things, please, with whatever means you can, get the government to:
1. Increase frequency of all public transport, especially while COVID cases are rising; and
2. Increase the number of people who must work from home in the private sector.
We want to stay home, I swear, I really want to stay home, we all do, but we can’t.
Every day, because my bosses are still able to make me work in the office, I have to be in the MRT for 35 minutes despite the pandemic. But at least there was some distancing between everyone, so that was ok.
But with the new SOPs that were enforced on 25th May, this is the risk I go through, what other people go through, and what every single workplace with a person taking public transport now have to go through:
With the slow vaccine roll-out, and increasingly sporadic cases, I am literally begging you, please let whoever it is that needs to know, that the train frequency needs to be increased.
If 10,000 people need to be at work at 9am, then 10,000 people need to be work at 9am. Reducing train frequency and checking documents at the stations just collects these people (and the COVID they probably carry) at the same place, at the same time.
I used to find KL Sentral quite ‘lengang’ when I go back at 6pm, but now because of the 8pm shopping curfew, people are rushing home at 6pm even when they would usually stay back at work, so KL Sentral is crowded too.
I used to feel safe picking up my daun bawang and some some nuggets at Aeon after work, but now everyone is rushing (and therefore, crowding) to shop before 8pm, and so now I have to get my things delivered to me at extra cost.
My MRT station used to have just 2 – 10 people waiting, but now there are many more. Please, we want to stay home. But we unfortunately need to get to work, thanks to the small mandated work-from-home ratio for the private sector.
Our thousands of tweets, pictures, videos, and posts fall on deaf ears. Please have this reach the necessary people.
Thank you.

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