Don’t be too happy with stimiulus package

Don’t be too happy over this. Yes, interests of working class safeguarded – what happen if enterprises can no longer sustain them? Loss of business has effects to business owners and industries – the recent stimulus package is not helping employers. Zoom into micro industry and self employed, i.e petty traders.

During the one month or so confinement, employees (private or civil) still obtained full paid salary and offered cash by government. This period, everyone is to stay at home and by right expenses reduced a lot!

Keeping the employees by good will for moment or because there is no choice. Wait till May or June – there will be massive lay offs. Major economies are hit with Covid-19 crisis and if they are struggling, we are struggling too.

We may say China is recovering – but at these moment, they are taking care of their own domestic issue.

It’s a bad time to launch such lavish package. You can make your citizens happy, but if industries failed, no one can offer employment. How long can you keep offering handouts? Do you still have money by them to offer another hands out, let say 2 months from now?

Yes, this is not the government we voted in!