Fixing Brickfields Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3 walkway for the blinds

Brickfields, being a tourism hub, is traditionally a haven for the blind community. Most of the them, involved in trade of traditional massage. It is estimated over 500 of them, represented by various blind NGOs made Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3 as their home.

However, it has been reported lately, that the public walkway needs urgent upgrade with proper tactiles to ease movement of the community. The project has started last week and today we went down together to check on the status of the project.

Ben Fong, of MP Bukit Bintang office together with my colleague Carmen and Ah Boon of bllind association as well as reporter from The Star walked along the alley to check on the improvement made. We were quite OK with the progress, except with a minor improvement over signboard and stricter enforcement on motorcycles that are parked on the public walkway that may have hindered their movement.

However, one I am not able to accept are the stalls that mushroomed along walkaway at Jalan Padang Belia where YMCA is located. I cannot imagine if the blinds had to walked on the main road, just because the stalls had blocked their walking path.

The stalls are better off to be relocated in other suitable area. I believe something can be done on this.

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