Food for TARUC Students

拉曼学院的管理层也会为一些住在宿舍的学生准备了食物(早餐, 午餐和晚餐)

同时, 大学委员会也会尽能力购买一些快熟面和干粮派给住在学院附近有需要的学生.

让我们一起面对这挑战的时刻. 呆在室内, 戴上口罩.

I know many TARC students are struggling financially. In order to complete their tertiary education, they have to work as part time besides depending on their family.

In this challenging times, they are not able to work and lost incomes to support their livelihood.

I communicated with Mr Tan of Student Affairs Department about the condition faced by TAR students. Apparently they have plans to offer food to the struggling students staying in hostel. The gesture later extended to those staying out of campus. The food programme started on 24th to 31st March – maybe extended of the MCO prolonged.

In other occasions, the college student council also initiated their own efforts to buy instant noodles and dry food to struggling students who stay at PV condos and Taman Bunga Raya.

Let us face the challenging times together. Stay indoor and wear mask.