Fund raising Dinner @ SJKC On Pong

我和兄长参加一同出席了安邦华小的慈善晚宴。 虽然安邦华小并非我母校,但我的兄弟姐妹都曾在这求学。

这所学校对我在安邦的成长记忆来说意义重大。 现任家协主席恰好是我40年老交情的朋友。 当他告诉我筹款的事情时,我毫不犹豫地支持这所百年老校。


Me and my brother attended this school donation dinner. Its not my alma meter, but its a school attended by all by my siblings (except me in national school).

The school meant a lot as my upbringing memories in Ampang. The current PIBG chairman happened to be a childhood friend for 40 years. When he told me about the fund raising, I dont hesitate to support as a gesture of good will to a century old school.

Its an honor to know Datuk Ong, from KLSCAH who is now current chairman of SJKC On Pong.

Once again, I applaud and appreciate their hard work @everyone