Goodbye, Padma

I am across the news of Padma’s passing. She is wife of Sunder Vel, a close friend and party comrade whom had significant contribution towards community in Ampang.

She is a great support towards Sunder’s political activities. For sure, I will not forget how great cook she is, especially her signature sambal udang.

We have learned of her illness juat less than 3 months ago. The big C has taken her away way too soon. On the very last day of the year, she passed away peacefully at presence of all her beloved. She left behind her husband and daugther Mathu Loshini Sundravadivel.

Joining us at the funeral is our ADUN and Selangor Deputy Speaker YB Mohd Kamri Kamaruddin. Sunder and Mathu have lost an important jewel. For sure she will be missed by everyone.