You may have registered your interest to be a part of our party.

We are adopting an online voting for upcoming party election. The advantage of this method of voting is that you don’t have to travel to physical voting station (Covid 19 concern).

Can you help update your info in or download ADIL app in Playstore/Appstore?
(If you are unsure of your membership status, you can check using the app or the URL too.)

All you need to do is to upload clear copy of
1. Photo of IC
2. Photo of yourself
3. Selfie with IC

This is to allow party to carefully verify that you are you. The whole process only takes 3 minutes and must be done before 20th April 2022. Remember, it’s 20th APRIL 2022 and not anyday beyond that!

I am contesting again as Wangsa Maju Division Chief and I like to have your vote online. Can you help me?