Kaunter tuntutan gangguan bekalan air di Prima Setapak

We had discussion with Prima Setapak business owners about their issues with authority. The issues related to sewerage and flash flood, mostly directed to DBKL and Indah Water but received almost no action at all.

While Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee, Wangsa MP was not able to attend today, she had however prepared a memo to DBKL mayor for a site meeting in next few days.

We also discussed about the need of Prima Setapak business owners association, as a body to be able to engage with authorities in official manner.
Lastly, they are signing up our water claims form as they took the hardest hit during any water disruption.

Thanks to Susie Fish Head Corner for letting us use her venue for this discussion.

我们与Prima Setapak商业业主讨论了他们面对的问题。这些都是针对DBKL 和Indah Water的地下水渠和闪电水灾的事件,但至今仍然没有见到当局采取任何行动。
尽管旺沙玛朱国会议员拿汀巴杜卡陈仪乔博士今天无法出席会议, 但她已经准备了备忘录给予吉隆坡市政局, 以便在接下来的几天进行现场会议。
同时, 我们还与Prima Setapak企业协会深入探讨。 他们也积极签署我们所准备的水供困扰索赔表格, 因为目前企业业主们也深受其害, 也对他们的业务营运影响很大。
最后, 我们也感谢Susie Fish Head Corner让我们使用她的场地进行讨论。