KEADILAN in Nine Emperor God Temple



Representing KEADILAN, we have paid homage to fellow committee members of Nine Emperor God temple. Some of them in the committee, are my casual acquaintances in Jalan Gombak, as they also hold similar positions in temples at Wangsa Maju.

Today is the 8th day, and all celebration leading to the end of prayers start today. Together with our KEADILAN branch chiefs of Ampang, we paid homage to the 160 years temple, one of the largest in the region.

Joining me in the entourage is Bob, Alex, Kenny and Patrick – each of them is KEADILAN branch chiefs of Ampang New Village, Ampang New Town, Ampang Mewah and Kuala Ampang. To most of born-and-bred-in-Ampang residents, Nine Emperor God temple is the landmark and pride for Ampang.