KEADILAN Wangsa Maju and Thaneer Panthal for Thaipudam 2024

Devotees started their journey to Batu Caves to pay homage to their lord Murugan. For those who may not know, the celebration in Batu Caves is one of the grandest, some say even better than in India.

The usual Thaneer Panthal in Batu 5 is now placed at along Ipoh Road. I came over here right after my prior CNY dinner. Reaching here around 11.30pm, the timing is just right as more devotees began their walk.

Besides me, Batu MP, YB Prabakaran made a surprise visit too.

Dewa and his brothers are our closest party members in KEADILAN Wangsa Maju. May the whole family continued to be blessed.