KL Traders Square overcrowded roadside traders

I had received a complain from a resident in KL Traders Square about excessive stalls and public car park hoarding.

Those days I have helped the community to evict any problematic stalls at roadside of Jalan Gombak back in 2019. Ever since ‘Wilayah Bebas Berniaga’ had been launched last year, DBKL had no way but to let them continue to do business.

I am quite disturbed receiving text messages about this matter.

// First of all, we are still in midst of celebration.
Second, I am unhappy to hear anyone implicating MP in this mess.
The issue should be solved by the management and residents themself as DBKL had repeatedly reminded. We have no locus standi on this, unless they come make an official report.
Thirdly and lastly, we frequented the place and had been always reminding DBKL to control the situation. I would still do even without this gentleman remind me. //

People think MP office should solve this problem because it is in her constituency. I also have to remind these people, that they too have obligations because it is their property.

我收到了KL Traders Square 居民的投诉有关摊位过多和公共停车场被占用。

首先,我们仍处于农历新年庆祝期间。第二,我感到非常遗憾, 特别是有心人将此事与国会议员牵连。诚如当初吉隆坡市政厅也给予有关当局重复的提醒,此问题应由管理层和居民自行解决。除非有关当局作正式投报,否则我们没有立场去干涉。