Maintenace issues of playground at Diamond Residences

Playground of Diamond Residences at Jalan Semarak Api faced issue with its playground maintenance.

It fell under Lot 27883 and managed by DBKL many years ago. Until the recent years, for unknown reason, the condo management was held accountable on the playground.

For years, the infrastructure deteriorated and became breeding ground for Aedes. The residents had lodged multiple complains to DBKL but failed to get responses. In my last conversation with the condo management, the playground was no longer usable.

I spoke to DBKL Wangsa Maju branch officer Sdr Izwan during MCO and was assured it to be handled ASAP.

Today, DBKL had completed its clearance on the playground. It is now safe to be used by young children. I hope DBKL can upkeep its maintenance schedule. 👍👍👍