Malaysia-China 50th Anniversary Concert


On behalf of DBKL I am proud to receive delegation from HE Ouyang Yu Jing, Ambassador of China to Malaysia for a Malaysia-China Diplomatic 50th Anniversary concert in Auditorium Bandaraya earlier.

Orchestra Kuala Lumpur and Beijing Symphony Orchestra are collaborating for the first time to mark the important milestone in both nation’s history.

HE Ouyang has a sharp mind and over the dinner table, we had good discussion about how both nations can benefit with plans like visa-free incentive. Also, we had a discussion about how China is able to help the world by sharing their knowledge on waste management and poverty eradication.

Besides our fellow DBKL Advisory Board Members, we had Dr Ronald Pua, KL EKSAIS Board Chairman as well as Jackie Tan of Federal Territory Sports Council joining us in this prestigious event.

Both Mr Tan and Isabelle, the concert conductors had been doing great job. Congrats Kuala Lumpur! Congrats Beijing!

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