Mass screening at Idaman Putera Condo

Thanks to netizen who share photos and videos of swab test taking place in Idaman Putera Condo. There had been spike of cases, whom majority are foreigners had been found among residents in this condo.

The swift response by MOH and condo management should be applauded.
The neighborhood is known for high concentrations of UNHCR holders, but Covid 19 chose no one in specific background as victim.

Instead of scrambling for unverified news, we should focus on preventive measures in accordance to SOPs.

Contagious it maybe, however Covid 19 lethality is never close to SARS. If 1,000 daily cases with almost 1,000 recovery, it means this disease is under control.

Let us not speculate but rather let MOH focus on the job they know the best.