Meeting with Danau Kota Flat residents

We had a short briefing with residents of Block C, Danau Kota Flat. Prior to this, KEADILAN had received many complains from residents. I am glad my counterpart from DAP KL Public Complain Bureau, Bryan Yew too came in to help explaining to affected residents.

Yesterday, the focus of discussion was more towards public liability coverage and defaulters of monthly fees. The management and JMB agreed on solution, but it comes to high cost.

Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew, Wangsa Maju MP urged Block C’s residents to work together with management. They will be another meeting on coming Saturday about cost sharing among residents.

In mean time, TNB had given us assurance about new smart meter replacement to proceed as planned on 1st September.

Every condo or high rise residential, would face similar problems of defaulting payment of fees. Danau Kota issue is one clear example where residents always on brink of disaster when funds collection is scarce.