Oppa screening for school students by LAI

Last week, I invited a group of students of SMK Chong Hwa to attend a private screening of the film Oppa. Thanks to Dato Lee, the PTA chairman for arranging the students over.

The film is a good propaganda film by PDRM, to spread awareness about love scam which is becoming more and more serious lately.

Coincidentally, the main anthongonist in screen plays role as a teacher and some of scenes were shot in school – therefore I find this movie suitable for students.

As a part of MCPF KL, I strongly support good quality local production like Oppa for its informational value. Congratulations to Captain Denil for his first directoral debut.

I implore any good samaritan to sponsor private screening for schools. If you are willing, let me know and I shall refer you to their team.

Be smart, stay alert.

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