Penerangan Politik di Taman Genting

我们在保保餐厅和云顶阁公寓拜访了不少选民。 我们也趁此机会视察了云顶阁公寓管理层之前提出的公寓道路维护工程,据我了解所知工程有条不紊的分阶段进行中。


We were in Restoran Bobo and Genting Court to meet fellow residents together with our KEADILAN Wangsa Maju team members.

We inspected the roadworks done by the condo management led by Jason King. On same time also paid visit to malaria vaccination programme conducted by PKD Titiwangsa for foreigners. Most of them – young and old came from Myanmar.

Today we are still wearing our KEADILAN blue shirt. Our campaign red shirt is coming soon. 😉