Pre-Deepavali with kids from charity homes

Our DEEPAROBIK with KULFIT DBKL at Danau Kota Lake went on just nice, right after early morning drizzles. Besides our regular JH and C9 team, I am glad that Jojo Linedance and fitness influencer Adza Tuty who came with her famous zumba routine.

I was accompanied by our KEADILAN members, Vijey Ravindaren, Kent Quah, Merak Warisan, Jacky Wee Hong Tan, Kak Saamah and Madam Mammi.

Right after that, we hopped into our next event at restaurant nearby to celebrate Deepavali with kids from Mary’s Home and Lindung Ikhlas Orphanage.

Over 80 of the kids enjoyed the food and appearance of our Katak mascot surely entertain the crowd. Of course the happiest kid among all is a young 1 year old Gigi.

Both Jojo and C9 had prepared contributions to the homes. My gratitude to all who have supported this cause of Deepavali Charity. Great job to the organizing team, Jessie and her friends for their participation.

And this, had concluded our Jelajah MADANI Deepavali KEADILAN Wangsa Maju.