Press Conference of KL Prosperity Walk 2024

KL Prosperity Walk 2024 is back. The walk, since its inception is now on its 3rd year. Carmen and I, both KL City Advisory Board Member are honored to be accepted as patrons to the committee. The past few months had seen DBKL engaging with KL Prosperity Walk on official basis. At last, KL Prosperity Walk will kick off from DBKL Chinese New Year on 24th February 2024 and officiated by Kuala Lumpur City Mayor.

This is a history in the making, and we are happy to announce the event via our press conference earlier. Thanks to the participations of various industry players, associations and most importantly, members of BBKLCC and NBCC. Not to mention, the presence of mainstream press agencies like Bernama and RTM as well as newspaper like Sin Chew, ChinaPress, The Sun and Harian Metro greeted by various indepentant media.

Jack Lim, the founder of the campaign is visionary. He now sets a 2-years-plan leading to Visit Malaysia Year 2026 as new milestone. Carmen and I believe event like this in nature, is on the right track to build cohesive and united society. Throughout our interviews, we stressed, this is the right way, the Malaysia Madani way.