Raya Visitation to party veteran, Kak Zubaida

I went to kak Zubeida’s house in Sentul together with Iskandar, Sam and Chuan. She is an unsung hero whom had contributed her time and resources to support reform agenda for over 2 decades. I saw many of our old time veterans, like Steven in her house too.

Unlike others who always boasted of being old timers, she spent more efforts to actually make things happened. Less talk, more work.

In early days, her house was used as logistics center for KEADILAN during election times. The house dated on 1940, with big compound. She is not rich, but generous in heart.

My buddy YB Ravi came all the way from Port Dickson to spend Raya 1 in her house. This is one way to appreciate her as party man.

Salam Reformasi, Salam Aidilfitri.

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