Repairs of SJKC Lee Rubber bus stop

Since it was constructed, bus stand at SJKC Lee Rubber had not seen any visible upgrades for over a decade. The original design had defects. One of them is, there was no proper drainage to divert rain water to drainage. Hence every time it rains, the bus stand floor would be wet and muddy due to soil erosions.

2 months back, the bus stand structured being rusted.  The school’s PTA member Mr Lee had contacted me and we did site inspection together. I supposed should we not take any action on it, the structure could have fallen and I cannot imagine if it hit the young school children.

Although we were on MCO, I had highlighted the severity of this issue to DBKL’s Urban Transportation Department. The department’s director Mr Yu, had assured they would place priority on this and and I had specifically requested this to be completed before schools reopens.

They had started work on 18th June 2021, and expected to complete before end of the month. Among improvement done are

  • construction of multiple drainages
  • resurface of floor cement
  • slab encapsulation to strengthen bus stand poles.
  • anti rust paint solution on the metal structure

This is one of many little improvement projects we had done for the school. I hope iconic SJKC Lee Rubber, can continue to contribute back to the very community that make up Wangsa Maju & Setapak to its pride.