Scrap Metal Store Open Burning… Again?

Caught in action. Initially we received complain via ChinaPress, today DBKL arranged a follow up site visit to a scrap metal center near Sungai Besi. This particular store was caught doing open burning.

It is a very old practice of retrieving metals from materials like mattress or used furniture. I particularly expressed my interest in this scrap metal industry as I spent quite many years of my youth in Sungai Besi and Salak South, where the industry prospered in 90s.

Today, I believe this kind of business is on its sunset exit. This plot of land is probably the last in Kuala Lumpur to house in old school scrap metal businesses like this.

Open burning in public, omitted unwanted smoke to high rise residentials nearby and caused air pollution. There maybe a cleaner way to deal with burnings, like incinerator but the cost is just way too high.

DBKL has issued few summons to this particular store. But I believe this has to go. I had requested meeting to dictate the next course of actions.

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