Site visit on Chong Hwa Jalan Gombak traffic light issue

中华华中校门前的红绿灯一直是交通拥堵的根源,一直延伸到鹅唛路五英里。 从鹅唛路五英里到 Diamond Square 原需10 分钟,但因中华华中前的红绿灯可能需要 30 分钟。

每天早上,家长在接送孩子都会掉头阻碍了道路。 结果,驶向市中心的汽车将不得不停下来让路。虽多次友善提醒家长,但部分家长仍我行我素。

校长陈女士和家教协会主席陈湘能都向我们办公室寻求帮助,以让当局干预这个问题。 我们正在研究在每天高峰时段关闭U转红绿灯的可能性。


SMJK Chong Hwa’s traffic light had been a source of traffic congestion, that spanned all the way to Mile 5 Jalan Gombak. A journey take takes 10 minutes from Mile 5 to Diamond Square, could take 30 minutes because of the traffic light in front of SMJK Chong Hwa.

Every morning, parents of the school children would block the access when they made u turn in order to drop their children. As a result, cars heading towards city center would have to halt to give way. It may be easy for, but friendly advise no longer work on these parents.

Both principal Madam Tan and the PTA chairman Raymond sought help from our office to get authorities to intervene in this issue. We are looking into possibility of closing the traffic lights during peak hours daily.

DBKL’s Urban Transport Department will soon conduct the impact assesment and prepare a possible win-win solution.