Strong odor at monsoon drain Teratai Mewah

Two days back, in a separate visit by MP Wangsa Maju Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew, we stumbled upon strong bad odor at the monsoon drain near Teratai Mewah.

The treatment plant was supposed to be decommissioned many years ago, but because incomplete D44 sewerage upgrade project, the facility continued to operate until today.

Today, we had a joint site visit this morning at Indah Water treatment plant together with IWK, DOE and DBKL in order to trace the origin of this problem.

As agreed, the next course of action is to perform major maintenance procedure on whole stretch of monsoon drain by DBKL as soon as next week. On same time, both DOE and IWK will perform QC on the facility’s discharge water into monsoon drain.