Sunday closure at Batu Road

Carmen and I did a site visit together with business owners associations from Batu Road and Masjid India, upon complains raised by Mr Ng from BBKLCC. The purpose of this visit has got to do with the Sunday road closure, which DBKL imposed for quite some time.

The stakeholders have requested to reconsider its decision, as it is affecting their Sunday businesses; which comprise of mostly textile, hotels and retail outlets. There is no access to these businesses; not even the servicing lanes were available.

For now, due to Ramadan Bazaar nearby, the restriction was lifted. But the shop owners are concerned, what happens after Raya is over?

I am aware of DBKL’s decision logic. Kuala Lumpur is striving to achieve its low carbon target in 2030 and Batu Road is chosen as one of its implementation point. I believe we are serious to resettle all petty traders into a better environment, though the effort is not seen at the moment.

Arthur guided us along Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman and alleys behind Masjid India. Most of the shops are being blocked by night market traders. While I believe petty traders businesses should be flourished to increase our night economy, however we should not compromise the rights of the shop owners who paid hefty expenses and taxes.

I first applauded DBKL had done wonderful job to control no of unauthorized Ramadhan bazaars all around Kuala Lumpur, but it seems it is not uncontrollable in area surrounding Masjid India, (even walkway in front of Sogo is not spared!) I can also tell from presence of many DBKL enforcement officers deployed along Batu Road.

Batu Road is a memorable place for being the first for many – KFC, AMW, public housing (Suleiman Court), Coliseum, Odeon. Now they are gone.

I am sure, this place can be happening again if we do proper planning. We shall bring this up to mayor’s attention at soonest possible.

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