Townhall session with residents from Danau Kota and Teratai Mewah

We had a ‘townhall’ session with residents from vicinity of Danau Kota and Teratai Mewah.

Organized by our Majlis Perwakilan Masyarakat Subzone 5 Chairman Benjamin Teh and attended by Wangsa Maju MP Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew we meet the residents representatives to hear on their idea and plight of issues from various categories.

Among concern raised are the sudden presence of hawkers post-MCO, overgrown trees in Danau Kota, as well as overdevelopment within the vicinity.

The awful fact is, we are not a part of government anymore, but that does not stop our ‘wakil rakyat’ to speak on behalf of people who voted her in.

We shall continue to engage with community and relevant authoritities.