Upgrades in Bukit Bintang Jalan Alor vicinity

昨天,我们带领吉隆坡市政厅(DBKL)沿着在Jalan Alor附近的小巷进行了未来升级项目的考察。我必须同意执照与商业发展组总监Hj Badrul的观点,认为Jalan Rembia的部分区域上有美丽的壁画,应该升级为一个合适的旅游步行区。这地区目前被非法用作代客泊车和食品摊点。


加入我们的还有来自武吉敏登园口工商俱乐部的Jack,以及来自亚罗街小贩协会的Datuk Edmond和Simon。


Yesterday, we walked DBKL through alleys around Jalan Alor vicinity for future upgrade projects.

I have to agree with Hj Badrul, DBKL Director of Licensing Department, that the part of Jalan Rembia which had beautiful murals, should be elevated into a proper tourism pedesterian walk. As for now, it has been illegally used as valet parkings and food traders spot.

I am glad the entourage, led by Director himself together with enforcement, licensing, health and local DBKL branch are fine with our upgrade proposal.

Joining us, were Jack, social activist from Yuen Hao residents association as well as Datuk Edmond and Simon from Jalan Alor petty traders associations.

I am looking towards positive tourism development at Bukit Bintang in near future

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