Vaccination Standby List – Myth?

I am referring to an old news piece.…/covid-19-over-10000…/1978807

Supposed there are rumours of messages tell you to be on standby. Yes it happened because someone failed to attend, but does not mean there is no other senior citizens left to get their jab.

I understand the urgency of vaccination for everyone, and should there is any attempt to be in standby list, you will be very much likely to do so.

I believe every PKD has its own priority. If every younger people rushed to go for standby, we may not even able to complete vaccination for senior citizens and OKUs. It’s no glory for younger candidates to stand in into slots reserved for someone senior at your grandparents age.

I received a lot of calls and messages for such request, but let it be known to all that every health office (PKD), has its own valid list on standby. Please let the special group to complete their turn.

Should you have anyone you know falls into the category and failed to get a date in Klang Valley, let me know. I will help.