Visitation to KLCCC Bukit Jalil

Datuk NK Thong invited us to join his DBKL committee’s meeting on IT infrastructure at KLCCC. We had a wonderful experience that day, as we were able to experience movie-like command center that oversees all traffic movements in the city.

DBKL had installed over 5,000 CCTVs at hotspots all over Kuala Lumpur, with high resolutions recording and 24/7 operation, they are able to capture any vehicle or anyone’s face with advanced AI technology. It may sounds a lot but still far less than our neighbouring Singapore (over 128,000 CCTVs!)

Datuk NK is very keen in his vision of a smart-city. However, silo-mentality of city dwellers are not giving us the boost as we wanted. We have to upkeep our CCTVs’ presence, as it is more than just monitoring traffic – it infact captured live proof of accidents or face identity recognition. Imagine the unlimited advantages we can benefit from technology upgrades.