Young aspiring baristas at Level Up Coffee

Invited to Level Up Coffee expo press conference at Quill City Mall. This coffee awareness project was founded by a group of coffee enthusiasts and experienced baristas.

The actual expo, happening on 3rd to 5th May had participation of over 25 industry players to showcase the latest in coffee industry.

Coffee for Malaysians refer to kopi o. But the actual global coffee industry is way more more signficant than your regular instant coffee.

It is probably the only food-based commodity that can rival gold and diamond. To country like Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia, coffee had contributed to a substantial of their GDP.

Malaya once, has presence of coffee planters – Bukit Nenas too was once had coffee plantation before replaced with pineapple.

Back to these inspiring young baristas, coffee making had been their interest and career. Young people nowadays should look into out-of-the-box approach in career.

Malaysia has many talented baristas many of whom have received recognition in international competitions. With Initiatives like LUC’s pioneering ranking system and its
tireless efforts to elevate the status of specialty coffee domestically and internationally, the future is promising for Malaysia’s coffee professionals to reach new heights of achievements at the global stage.

Coffee and latte art competition can be a career too, just like our e sports!

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